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Arrests follow discovery of suspected illegal abattoir on Telford estate.

Arrests follow discovery of suspected illegal abattoir on Telford estate.

Police are urging people to report suspicious sales of meat following the discovery of a suspected illegal abattoir in Arleston, Telford.

The discovery was made at around 9.15pm last night (Thursday 16 April) when officers responded to reports of a collision with a dog on Elmwood Road. As part of their associated enquiries officers attended an address in Charles Road where they discovered a disturbing scene with a large amount of blood on the driveway. Inside they discovered three sheep in a very poor state of health and one already sadly dead.

Seven men, aged between 18 and 36, were arrested at the address on suspicion of theft and currently remain in police custody.

Inspector Craig Smith said: “Illegal butchery and sheep theft are serious offences. Not only are there risks in consuming meat when it isn’t from a reputable source but illegal butchery can also cause unnecessary suffering to the animal. Rural crime such as this also has a serious emotional and financial impact on our farming communities, of course, there are financial repercussions to farmers whose animals are stolen.

“We’ve launched an investigation into this incident and I would ask our communities across the whole West Mercia police area to contact us if you think someone is selling illegal meat.

“I would also like to ask those in our more rural areas to report suspicious activity around farmland, particularly whilst there is less traffic on the road due to the current lockdown. By reporting anything suspicious in or near fields of livestock you can make a significant difference to helping us stop this type of crime.”

Anyone with information is asked to call West Mercia Police on quoting incident number 0765s 16 April 2020. Alternatively, information can be given to the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

35 thoughts on “Arrests follow discovery of suspected illegal abattoir on Telford estate.

  • It’s about tome we stopped eating and exploiting animals for food. It’s not necessary. It’s because of the selfish behaviour we’re all in lockdown.
    Just consider this:
    * Coronavirus and SARs are deadly human viruses traced to live meat markets where alive animals sit in cages awaiting slaughter once purchased.
    * Ebola. E. Coli, MRSA, and Salmonella are deadly viruses born out of slaughterhouse environments and/or the exploitation of animals for meat.
    * Swine flu developed during the raising and slaughter of pigs for meat.
    * Mad cow disease came to be from the raising and slaughtering of cows for meat.
    * Avian flu developed from the unsanitary conditions of raising and killing birds for meat. Notably, a new strand of avian flu outbreak just hit the news, in Turkey.
    * The Spanish flu was an avian flu strand that killed 50-100 million Americans, which experts trace to a Kansas Chicken farm.
    * The HIV virus was introduced as a deadly human to human virus when we came into contact with Chimpanzee blood as we hunted them for meat.
    What’s the common denominator? When you make an industry over the exploitation and killing of animals for meat, there is no way to keep bodily fluids, blood, guts, and diseased conditions sanitary. We slaughter 3 billion animals a day and more than 1 trillion animals a year for meat. The industry and conditions required to raise this quantity of animals to slaughter for food is unsanitary, inhumane, diseased, and perhaps the greatest weapon of mass destruction. The death toll for us and them is unprecedented.
    History is repeating itself. When we make an industry out of exploiting and killing animals for food, highly contagious, deadly viral global pandemics that kill all of us are born. Yet, we are still feeding the industry demand. Meat is flying off the shelves in stores as we stock up on food to survive this global pandemic. A vaccine to end this global crisis, once found, is only a band-aid. The solution lies in a permanent legal ban on all global live meat markets, and to end the industry of factory farming.

  • Animal agriculture is so destructive that even researchers at Oxford have concluded that going vegan is the best thing we can do to help save the planet.


    “Today, and probably into the future, dietary change can deliver environmental benefits on a scale not achievable by producers. Moving from current diets to a diet that excludes animal products (table S13) (35) has transformative potential, reducing food’s land use by 3.1 (2.8-3.3) billion hectares (a 76% reduction), including a 19% reduction in arable land; food’s GHG emissions by 6.6 (5.5-7.4) billion metric tons of CO2eq (a 49% reduction); acidification by 50% (45-54%); eutrophication by 49% (37-56%); and scarcity-weighted freshwater withdrawals by 19% (−5 to 32%).”

  • These “sick bastards” only exist and do what they do because people that eat meat sponsor the sale of meat. If you stop buying meat they stop killing animals. It is very simple.

  • Can’t believe the pointing of fingers at other nations.
    How many animals are shot on “shoots” through the UK by Brits who haven’t got a clue how to shoot to kill?
    So many of our wild life mamed and left to die for what?
    Shame on you all.
    RIP Little sheep and I do hope the others recover and are rescued not returned to the meat chain

  • All slaughterhouses are places of cruelty, terror and agony. There’s no such thing as humane meat.

  • Wouldnt have this kind of behaviour if people didn’t eat meat!! Frigging barbaric.

  • Did no one notice lots of sheep and blood next door? Don’t forget when you eat animals they didn’t commit suicide, you paid someone to kill them!

  • “In their behavior toward creatures, all men are Nazis. Human beings see oppression vividly when they’re the victims. Otherwise they victimise blindly and without a thought.”
    Isaac Bashevis Singer, 1978 Nobel Laureate

  • Absolutely disgusting!
    We should ban Halal and Kosher slaughter in our country, it’s barbaric! If they want it, import it from countries where they seem happy to eat meat killed in this way.

  • After reading through some of the comments on this post, my views are as follows:
    1) There are a lot of racist bigots in Telford. Not surprising, we already knew that. I was recently called a n***er outside Aldi and spat at. I mean, at least get the racism right and call me a p*ki. Also, there’s no point getting into online spats with these racists. I have never seen one change their world view in the Facebook comments section.
    2) To assume ethnicity/religion of the perpetrators is pointless. First of all we don’t know for certain, second of all who cares? People from all backgrounds are commiting crimes and to single out an ethnicity or religion simply fuels hatred and racism.
    3) Linking this crime to halal slaughter or Muslims in any way is both baseless and ridiculous. As someone already pointed out, the fact these sheep were stolen renders them haraam (opposite of halal, ie not permissible for Muslims to consume). Besides, the majority of halal meat in the UK is STUNNED prior to slaughter. Slaughter is done by severing the major arteries in the neck (ie carotid, jugular) which cuts blood supply to the brain and renders the animal unconscious within seconds. If you have a problem with halal (or kosher) meat then I suggest reading about mass farming practices that produce the majority of the meat in this country. I guess KFC chickens and McDonalds cows were treated really well before being slaughtered. We need to support local smaller farms and butchers who are producing meat organically. It’s just funny when people have a problem with halal meat but no problem stuffing their face with a Big Mac.
    4) To assume any of this illegal meat is ending up in takeaways is also baseless. Takeaway premises have to abide by strict Trading Standards Laws which require proof of purchase and receipts for all foodstuffs purchased, allowing for transparency and traceability to the supplier. False claims are no good to anyone.
    5) I hope the criminals involved face the full force of the law. I also hope people will stop using such news as a platform to spew their racist, misinformed bollocks on social media. During this time we have a rare opportunity to focus on ourselves and reflect. Use this time for something beneficial. I hope we can realise more connects us than divides us. Basically, let’s try to not be nobheads to each other. Peace x.


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