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Sick of cooking but want to eat healthily in the lockdown?

Sick of cooking but want to eat healthily in the lockdown?

Telford based Sofood have started a Meals on wheels service delivering microwavable tasty and nutritious meals made that day delivered to the doorstep.

Sofood! is an established, reputable company offering catering solutions. As the corporate buffet market has bombed with the advent of social distancing, the company have changed their operations to provide a delivery service.

A range of chef-made nutritious meals is available daily to pre-order at a reasonable cost – currently on offer at only £4.00 for complete a meal.

Options include chicken Provençale, beef and ale pie or sausage and bean casserole all served with a potato dish of the day and fresh vegetables with gravy or a sauce. Desserts are also available at £2.50. To cover costs the minimum order is £24.00 i.e. 6 meals which can be kept in the freezer for up to 1 month.

All meals are prepared by highly skilled local chefs Peter Roberts and David Spalding and can be delivered frozen to the doorstep. Orders can be made either online, by email or phone depending on how a customer prefers.

Director Kris Lea said “it is vital to us to support our local community both through good and bad times. We started providing the meals on wheels service as soon as I knew we had the highest levels of all health and safety systems in place specific to this new part of our business.

He goes on to explain “It is imperative at times like this to maintain safety and food hygiene, and we have been working with local authorities to ensure that our products are 100% safe. After all, anyone can make dinner and deliver it, however making sure that the storage and reheating
guidelines are correct, it would be easy for prepared food to affect a customers health and well-being negatively. Fortunately for us at Sofood! we already have chiller vans to ensure that meals arrive with the customer in safe condition.”

Kris concludes “Prepared food should only be kept at room temperature for a short period of time before a risk of food poisoning is possible, hence along with all our other food safety measures at this time is imperative, especially when delivering to the vulnerable”.

Customers can choose a range of meals from the wide variety available by visiting the company website and click order online to view the shop.

3 thoughts on “Sick of cooking but want to eat healthily in the lockdown?

  • Love this concept, it’s so easy to click on your phone when you can’t be bothered to cook or have a hectic lifestyle ( some still do) and have a choice of junk food and even more junk food, and not even being sure about their hygiene rating either. Why would anybody spend 4 quid on a junk burger or pizza when you can get a proper meal for the same price? Hope more follow suit soon.


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