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Co-op and Asda Boost The Wrekin Labour Members Appeal

Co-op and Asda Boost The Wrekin Labour Members Appeal

The Co-op at Dawley and Asda at Donnington Wood have volunteered to add their own contributions in kind to the £2,500 raised by The Wrekin Labour Party members in support of local foodbanks and the Telford Women’s Refuge which are facing significantly increased demand during the Coronavirus crisis.

The Co-op will be providing additional groceries to augment to the funds which the Dawley Foodbank will spend at the store and Asda will also provide in-kind support for the Newport Foodbank.

Peter Bradley, Chair of The Wrekin Labour Party, said:

“The stores have been incredibly generous and we’re very grateful to them. We all need to do what we can to support each other and especially those hardest hit by this crisis. It’s really great to see the Co-op and Asda playing their part and in such a practical way.”

Charlotte Leonard, who looks after community liaison at the Co-op Dawley, said:

“We’re delighted to be able to support the Labour Party’s appeal. The Co-op has always been rooted in the community and, at this time above all, we want to do what we can to support people who need help. Dawley foodbank is our next-door neighbour so we’re really glad to be able to help fill their trolley.”

Sharon Hanson of the Dawley foodbank said:

“The Co-op has really helped boost what we’ve already received from The Wrekin Labour Party and we are so grateful. This will make such a big difference to so many local people and it’s so heart-warming to have this wonderful support.”

June Walker, community champion at Donnington Wood Asda said:

“We’re just glad to have the opportunity to support this appeal. There are a lot of people out there who are really struggling during lockdown and the Newport foodbank is doing great work to ensure that they and their families don’t go without. We’re more than happy to help.”

Cat Finch, co-ordinator of Newport Foodbank, added:

“We’re working flat out to support the most vulnerable people in our community. These funds and the extra that Asda is putting in help a huge amount and to know that so many people are doing their best to support us makes a big difference too.”

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