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Telford Survivor tells her story in new book

Telford Survivor tells her story in new book

Using the pseudonym of Scarlett Jones, Telford survivor puts into print her own account of abuse from an early age.

From abuse in the family home, to being groomed and trafficked by her boyfriend, the story was decades in the making.

Scarlett told Telford Live "I have waited my whole life for my story to be heard,writing the book for me was about educating people about what Is happening right under their noses and in their streets.

"Things have to change in Telford they cannot be allowed to continue as they have been.

"It is time we stopped hiding from child abuse and exploitation and started speaking up for those that cannot find their voices. If anybody reads my book and any part of it rings true then please contact the inquiry and speak to them"

"Just a Girl" is now available on Kindle and you can pre-order a print edition from Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Just-Girl-shocking-story-child-…/…/

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