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Brooklyn Craft hits Telford

Brooklyn Craft hits Telford

The popular burger, fries and hotdog restaurant has made its way from Shrewsbury to Telford.

The sign went up on the old PiriPiri Chicken shop in Church Street, Wellington just a few days ago.

If the TripAdvisor reviews are anything to go by, we’re in for a treat.

2 thoughts on “Brooklyn Craft hits Telford

  • At these prices won’t be here long , £8+ for a burger? 4 quarter pounders, bag of burger buns, bag of chips for under a fiver at Iceland, that’s where I’ll be going!

  • Cue the usual ‘anything that costs more than 50p is too posh for Wellington’ posts !
    Wellington NEEDS to attract people who actually have MONEY and want to spend it.


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