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No refunds. Cyclists 'frustrated' at Birmingham Velo cancellation.

No refunds. Cyclists 'frustrated' at Birmingham Velo cancellation.

The hugely popular 2019 Birmingham Velo, a cycle event on closed roads around the second city, was all set to be returning last week, but cyclists from all over the UK have been disappointed, not just by the cancellation, but the lack of refunds.

One Telford rider, James Potter, told Telford Live, 'It’s very frustrating that they have taken everyone’s money and refused refunds, admission to another/future event, or any other form of compensation. It’s also extremely difficult to receive a response.'

The firm have said in a statement that with all the costs incurred, and no pandemic insurance cover, they can't afford to give any refunds.

James is not convinced, 'They closed doors before any government advice was issued. Apparently they had already paid suppliers. Payment terms of 3-4months prior to an event are very unusual"

It's not even clear yet that Velo will run in 2021, or even if all the disgruntled cyclists would consider buying a £100 ticket.

Pic: James Potter

5 thoughts on “No refunds. Cyclists 'frustrated' at Birmingham Velo cancellation.

  • The fact that they shut off God knows how many roads Las year and forced 20 mile diversion when I just wanted to cross the road is bloody stupid.

  • Bit short sighted of the organisers not to have insurance but a big rock festival abroad cancelled the festival with no refunds and no insurance.

  • Took my son to West Midlands safari park as a birthday treat and we ended up having to walk in, leaving the car a mile away. All for a bunch of twats on bikes, can’t bare the fuckers on the roads.


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