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Urbex: Inside the Cheshire Cheese

Urbex: Inside the Cheshire Cheese

You love the Urbex stuff almost as much as you love burgers. Chis has been inside the Cheshire Cheese pub that mysteriously caught fire following a planning application.

"After almost a year of inactivity, this quaint Shropshire pub was considered financially unviable, and those dastardly property developer vultures decided that this place would look nicer if the pub was gone altogether and replaced with a bunch of characterless dwellings.

Their plans were denied, and then in January of 2020 the pub went up in flames.

Gosh! What a coincidence!

Now, I should point out that entering a derelict building that's suffered fire damage is a bad idea, but I'm kinda like a chapel in Vegas. Bad ideas are my bread and butter."

Go see all the photos and the lovely write up: https://shrewsburyfromwhereyouarenot.blogspot.com/…/the-che…

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