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The Telford 'rona roundup.

The Telford 'rona roundup.

This virus has a lot to answer for. There is a line of Southwater visitor attractions that has to remain closed in an effort to keep the 'rona at bay.

Tenpin, the bowing alley, has to remain closed still, although it's quite difficult to see how this sport could not be made safe with screens between the lanes.

The Ice Rink, reopening announced by the council, only to have them backtrack when Boris took to the telly to give us all the good news.

Albert's Shed, the long awaited live music venue for Southwater has been shut since March and no indication of when it might re-open.

Add into the mix, Pizza Express, Zizzi, Bella Italia which have yet to reopen and Coal which closed just before lockdown, and I think that the Southwater offer might need reconfiguring to avoid a few lean years. I cannot see many new casual dining restaurants opening new units anytime soon. No, not even Five Guys or Wagamammas.

On the positive side, cinemas are now opening up with measures in place, although from the 8th, you'll have to sit and watch movies with a face covering on.

Us Brits, in the main, have adopted the face coverings rule with little resistance. The 5G keyboard warriors claiming that they'll never wear one and the virus is a hoax, but let's face it – their Moms are still buying their clothes anyway.

The shops have started their 'Back to School' offers already, but I question if we will be. One of the largest Covid outbreaks, 5 cases, was traced back to a School in Telford last month, and we had been doing so well. Is the five day a week system going to keep everyone safe? I can see a substantial number of parents choosing not to send their kids in.

Right about now, government support for these businesses is starting to tail off. The furlough scheme, like TikTok dancing from the NHS staff, has had it's day, and as employers now have to contribute more to keep staff at home, some tough decisions are being made in boardrooms across the country.

I don't think we'll see the full extent of redundancies and job losses until September/October but we are surely headed for bleak winter.

If we can rely on one thing bring everyone together during these times, it will be the mass disgust at Halloween tat being stacked on the shelves of B&M around the end of this month.

Keep safe.

9 thoughts on “The Telford 'rona roundup.

  • The bowling alley needs cleaning out, maybe they should make use of this time & do it. How it was ever open i don’t know. It’s dirty.

  • the government officially said that people who had coronavirus in february, then recovered, had a car crash in june and died, the person would still go down as covid death.
    you still think this plandemic is real?

  • One thing I still do not understand, and never will, is why people who have been working from home for the last few months are being dragged back to an air-conditioned office block to work and breathe everyone else’s farts!

    If you drive a computer for a living and have been able to do it from home, then people should be given the option to work from home forever if that’s what they want. It’s not rocket science. .
    The UK needs to get out of the 9-5 rat race, and start to encourage Flexi time working.
    People will argue that folks will get distracted, yes maybe so, but to be honest if you’re the sort of person who is easily distracted (I’m one of them), it wouldn’t matter if you’re at home or in an office. Your boss already knows your traits, if it’s an issue they’ll deal with it regardless.

  • Council back tracked on opening the ice rink???
    Where did the council back track??? Ok let’s open it tomorrow then against government guidelines and watch the numbers spike.
    I cant believe this page and the admin never social distanced never wore a mask never isolated and spread the virus around the community. Shocking


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