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Finally, that car advert picture surfaces

Finally, that car advert picture surfaces

Many claimed to have seen it, but was it a Mercedes or a BMW pictured in front of the famous EP wall back in the 1980s?

Anth Rowley spotted the mythical advert, snapped it up and here it is, answering many questions.

The mosaic on the A442 Queensway that runs the length of Telford, is instantly recognisable.

The car in question was a BMW 7 Series. The 750iL to be precise. A mile-munching executive motor, destined for business moguls and lottery winners back in 1987 when the car in the advert was registered.

Sure, a few would have made it to Woodside or Dawley in the early 2000s but now the prices are rising again. If can find one.

Thanks to Anth Rowley for sharing this gem, snipped from the pages of a Vogue magazine.

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