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Huge Queues in Telford for Covid Testing Centre

Huge Queues in Telford for Covid Testing Centre

Unless you are visiting the Covid Test Centre, you would be well advised to avoid the Park & Ride at the top of Jiggers Bank.

Reports of people up and down the UK being directed to test centres miles away, it looks like Telford has been the centre of…

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One thought on “Huge Queues in Telford for Covid Testing Centre

  • I was booked at the test centre tonight and sat in a queue of traffic for over an hour only to be turned away and being told the test centre was closed. One man in a car next to me said he had driven 84 miles for a test. I had driven over 20 miles and still had to sit in traffic before I could make my way home. It’s a shambles, as is the Government website which has no booking for testing. I work in a school, one of the Governments priorities to be kept open, but I cant return to work without having a test. I was told on the Gov 119 telephone booking system that there were tests available in Carmarthen or Edinburgh!


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