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Telford Pub Fined for allowing households to mix

Telford Pub Fined for allowing households to mix

Two £10,000 fines have been issued in Telford after Covid-19 regulations were breached.

Last week, a Telford pub was issued with a £10,000 fine for breaching Covid-19 regulations. The establishment was issued with the fine after it allowed households to mix.

Two tables in the venue were found to be made up of people from different households. Individual fines were issued to the people on both tables.

On Saturday evening police attended a report of around 50 people gathering in an industrial unit in Dawley Bank. Along with a number of individual fines, the organiser was issued with a £10,000 fine.
Telford Policing Commander, Superintendent Jim Baker, said: “I’ve been really pleased with the co-operation and understanding we’ve had from members of the public in relation to the Covid-19 regulations so far and it is disappointing we have had to issue these fines.

“The restrictions that have been placed on us have meant it has been a difficult year for everyone and we know that Christmas will look very different for a lot of people this year.

“We want everyone to be able to enjoy the festive season, but please do so safely and within the regulations.
“It is now as important as ever we all do our bit to stay safe and protect ourselves, our family and our friends.”

Telford is currently placed in Tier 2 (high alert).

One thought on “Telford Pub Fined for allowing households to mix

  • Well done the public, it’s unbelievable that there are so many people with only one brain cell
    Idiotic, irresponsible actions with no consideration for other people, where the self discipline (Bloody idiots deserve what they get)


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