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Gary Powndland adds Telford date to tour

Gary Powndland, like the shop but spelt different, has added a date in Telford to his latest tour.

The Wolverhampton-based Mr Powndland has a huge following on social media, where he journals his love for Wolves (the team) his foxes (his pets). His poor diction and spoonerisms, Dunelm glasses, and surreal outlook on life is eye-wateringly funny for anyone who has lived in a council house or been to Wolverhampton.

It’s rare to find a unique style of comedy like this. It’s hard to compare, but if you think Michael Macintyre is a cumpt, then this is the show for you. Everyone knows a Gary.

Jack Kirwan, the comic behind the character has appeared in Telford before as a guest of Roger Swifts Technicolour Smoof Comedy brand, but this is his first official visit as Powndland.

Gary told Telford Live! “We have been wanting to bring our live show to Telford for a few years now. I’m buzzing we are finally getting to. Selfridges with everyone afterwards who wants one x”

Gary Powndland and Friends arrives at The Place in Oakengates on Thursday 12th May.

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