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Have you fallen out of love with your house in Telford?

Have you fallen out of love with your house in Telford?

Guests from Telford are sought to appear on TV show.

In this second series of Nick Knowles Big House Clearout, Nick will visit a wide range of different properties across Britain from sprawling country cottages to classic town houses and even city apartments – no stone will be left unturned in the hunt for families who need help! Nick will offer families a life changing deal – ditch at least half of your clutter and he and his talented design team will deliver their half of the bargain – a stunning top to toe home makeover.

See your home as empty as the day you bought it and realise how much space you have – then fall in love with it all over again… with beautifully redesigned rooms, space, light and ingenious storage solutions.

Nick Knowles is rescuing families across Britain who are crushed by their clutter. Homes that look fine on the outside, but are swamped on the inside – drab, unloved and undervalued. We’ll strip our families’ homes bare and reconstruct their house room by room. We help them part with precious memories and ditch a lifetime of junk. We will watch as they dig out family heirlooms that they haven’t seen for years and will help them repurpose old and faded items into beautiful new pieces to fall
in love with all over again. We will also encourage them to make a bit of cash from unloved possessions by selling to neighbours and friends or further afield!

Working with them to transform their homes, we’ll reveal stunning family living spaces, beautiful bedrooms, life changing storage solutions and rooms dramatically repurposed.

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