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Chocolate treats for Ukrainian refugee families

Chocolate treats for Ukrainian refugee families

A Telford manufacturing company has handed over a morale-boosting chocolate feast for children of Ukrainian refugees who are trying to rebuild their lives in the county.

Seymour Manufacturing International (SMI) ran an ‘easter bunny’ competition, inviting people to nominate deserving causes for a basket full of goodies. Director Jill Seymour said: “We were looking for a person, or group of people, who deserved a special treat – it could have been a good deed, a customer delivering fantastic service, or simply someone having a tough time and in need of cheering up.

“Several people suggested we should help Ukrainian refugees who have had to escape the war zone – many of whom are now staying with families here in Shropshire. “We thought this was a fantastic idea, so we made contact with the Shropshire Supports Refugees group, which helps not only those from Ukraine, but also displaced families from Syria and Iraq too.”

Mitch Morgan visited the SMI offices at Stafford Park to collect the chocolate treats on behalf of the group, which described the donation as ‘wonderful news’. Jill Seymour added: “This is the first in what we hope will be many donations we are able to make, to help families in need. “Our range of thermal protection products are designed to help keep people warm –or cool – and we know that this could be invaluable for struggling families. We are committed to helping however and wherever we can.”

SMI’s celebrated Tempro® is a lightweight thermal insulation solution used by many industries, including food retail and processing, plus pharmaceuticals, agriculture, logistics, the Ministry of Defence and NHS. It was even taken to Antarctica by explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes to insulate his crew’s sub-zero living quarters on one of his polar expeditions.

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