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Confessional Burger Restaurant Closes. Staff Pray for Wages.

Confessional Burger Restaurant Closes. Staff Pray for Wages.

In an email sent to members of staff seen by Telford Live! The owners of The Confessional burger place at Southwater has closed the doors after eight months, leaving staff praying for wages. One now ex-employee is owed £400 and another over £1600, Telford Live! has been told.

From the email addressed to ‘Dear Colleague’; ‘We must inform you that with immediate effect, the company has taken the decision to close a section of its stores in which sadly, your store is included.’

One employee said I’ve been waiting now around 3 months for my money I’ve tried emailing calling up the restaurant…I’m not even owed that much because after I started and saw state of kitchen I left.”

The website has been only partially working for over a week, but it has now been taken down, along with the Facebook page suggesting that it’s not just Telford affected, and means that Telford-Live! has been unable to contact the business for comment.

Costs have been rising for businesses, particularly energy which is uncapped for businesses, and this, combined with the cost of living crisis means that The Confessional will probably not be the last.

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