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Helicopter searches for missing Telford woman

Helicopter searches for missing Telford woman

Woodside woman, Joanne Davies, was reported missing yesterday by her daughter Sherelle Davies who is increasingly worried about her, “She is not a threat to anyone, only a threat to herself. If you have any information/sightings please let me know, we are all so worried and just want her back home safe.”

It’s understood that Joanne, who has been missing for 24hrs now, does not have her phone or bank card with her.

Have you seen her?


5 thoughts on “Helicopter searches for missing Telford woman

  • Heartbreaking! Please be ok Jo, I don’t even know you but you are my age so I hear and living just up the road from me. Your family and friends no doubt miss you so much. You are very loved and a precious individual. Please come back home safely. X


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