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‘You can’t film here’ – Auditor visits Telford Businesses

‘You can’t film here’ – Auditor visits Telford Businesses

DJ Audits, a YouTube Auditor paid a visit to two Hortonwood businesses this week. The rise of Auditors on TikTok, YouTube and other channels since lockdown has been stratospheric.

The self-styled ‘Auditors’ visit places of work and challenge the perception of people, including the occasional Police Officer, who mistakenly think that you cannot take photos of their buildings without their permission.

DJ Audits goes further and flies a drone over private property and is often challenged about the legality of his actions. In some cases, concerned workers calling 999 to alert the Police to his actions.

On his latest trip, he brings his drone and his distinctive orange bike to Makita and Heinz on Hortonwood in Telford.

View the videos here:

2 thoughts on “‘You can’t film here’ – Auditor visits Telford Businesses

  • It has nothing to do with educating people. These guys are attention seekers who cannot hold down real jobs and do it to bait people for clicks on Youtube. They talk down to people and try to tell them how to run their businesses. They are argumentative and projecting.

  • I get irrationally angry about these “auditors” being confrontational and bothering people who are minding their business, just doing their jobs, for the sake of getting views.


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