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2022 Rough Sleeper Count

2022 Rough Sleeper Count

Today, November 2nd 2022 is the Telford & Wrekin Rough Sleepers Count.

‘PLAY YOUR PART’ is a way to connect with people who are rough sleeping locally. In one 24-hour period, we are asking agencies such as police, hospitals, Probation Service, mental health services, doctors, churches, colleges, day centres and the general public to refer those they know are rough sleeping for assistance by phoning a dedicated help line 01952 248 248 or 07772890017

The ongoing commitment to identify and provide for those rough sleeping within the borough of Telford & Wrekin has seen a partnership of organisations coming together to assess the current situation through information gathering and outreach. This is part of a wider approach as Local Authorities and their partners, right across the country, contribute to the national rough sleeper’s count.

Each year, Local Authorities must report the numbers of rough sleepers in their borough to Government. Again, this year, Telford & Wrekin Council is supporting the count in partnership with The KiP Service, Stay and Maninplace.

‘PLAY YOUR PART’ contributes to the overall homelessness strategy for Telford and Wrekin and will assist the local rough sleepers task team and its partners to tailor services for the future.

To prevent rough sleeping increasing further, we endeavour to try to understand who the rough sleepers are, why they resort to this, if they are accessing services created to support them and how they feel their situation might be resolved.

Rough sleeping is hazardous and is often detrimental to the health & well-being. Today and tonight, we need the help of everyone working and living in Telford and Wrekin to help us tackle rough sleeping.

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