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Telford 3D Printer wins Design Award

Telford 3D Printer wins Design Award

Oliver Landau Williams runs a 3D Printing and Design business, which won the “3D Design Specialist Of The Year” award at the 2022 Innovation & Excellence Awards.

Oliver told TelfordLive! “Its been quite a challenge working through the past few years, especially with Covid impacting on a lot of businesses ability to develop and improve new and existing products, but Printotype has been able to endure through this and succeed with some really exciting projects and helped out numerous businesses, both locally and nationally.

“Being able to bring innovation and new technology into the region and businesses big and small is incredibly satisfying, and very beneficial to our clients.

Personally, the North York Moors Cast Iron Sculptures were one of my favorite recent projects. Sited up on the moors alongside the old structure of the iron kilns, it shows how it would have looked in its heyday, and has beautiful weathered coloring that blends into the environment perfectly. The excellent woodworking on this project was provided by another local firm, Netley Joinery, who were excellent partners on this project – I look forwards to more exciting projects like this”

Printotype was formed in 2014 and has been producing 3D Printed mobility aids, food molds, micro-pcs right up to crafting half tonne cast iron and oak sculptures on the North York Moors.

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