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Businesses urged to get involved with film maker

Young Telford comedy writer, Luke Allen, is currently in pre-production for a brand new comedy sketch film.

The film will be 30 minutes long and feature a series of hilarious comedy sketches, inspired by the likes of Monty Python, Mitchell & Webb, and Victoria Wood.

In order to fund the project, Allen is producing one of the sketches as a “proof-of-concept”, but it still needs funding itself.

The sketch, set in a secret agent base, is to be directed by BAFTA Nominated Director, Piotr Szkopiak (Shakespeare & Hathaway, The Last Witness) and is going to cost around £1500 to produce. Hence, Ask Seek Knock, Luke Allen’s production company, is asking for your help.

Ask Seek Knock are asking local businesses whether they could make a small donation to sponsor the project.

In return, you will get your business named in the credits; you will get an invite to the premiere of the project (and future screenings); and you could even come and be in the sketch as an extra.

If you’re able to cover the whole budget of the sketch, your business will be mentioned on the sketch poster and promotional material as “[Business Name] Presents…”, and the business owner will get credited as Executive Producer on the sketch, and the overall sketch show.

Luke told Telford Live! “I am also happy to offer filmmaking workshops / promo videos in exchange for certain donations.

As well as all of this, you will get the satisfaction of knowing that you have supported a young filmmaker in pursuing his dream.

To request information, or to make a donation of any size, contact Luke on: Or


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