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Shropshire Star rolls out Premium Content

The Star yesterday started putting some of it’s online articles behind a paywall, which requires a registration to view them. The registration is currently free, but on the papers website it suggests that you will have to pay for the premium content in the future. A bit like OnlyFans, but for news.

From the website: “At the moment, we are simply asking readers to create a free account on our website to access our very best content – which will be clearly labelled ‘premium’ on In future, we plan to introduce a subscription service that will allow readers to get unlimited access to all of our very best content for a modest amount each month.”

At the moment, there is just one Premium article for the Telford area – a story about the Dambusters raid in WWII.

Rest assured that not all content will end up being restricted – “You will still be able to read a selection of our stories without registering or subscribing – but you won’t be able to access any of our premium content.”

Will you be subscribing?

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