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“Everyone started screaming” – It’s every drivers fear.

Lucy McShane’s mother was driving with Lucy, her brother, sister and son in the car when a missile thrown from the bridge hit the windscreen.

Two or three teenage boys were spotted standing on the footbridge near the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford just after 6pm on Saturday, when a log was hurled from the bridge in front of another vehicle, which managed to swerve and miss it.

Shortly after, the youths threw a truck brake pad down from the bridge directly in the path of the car Lucy was travelling in.

The rusted brake pad hit the passenger side of the windscreen causing extensive damage, but luckly no-one was seriously hurt.

Lucy told Telford Live! “Everyone started screaming. The sound of it hitting the windscreen was immense, never heard anything like it.

I had glass in my hair, my mouth, all over me. My hand was cut and face was scratched.”

If anyone saw the incident or who saw the boys responsible, please message the page or contact West Mercia Police ref: 00365_I_09032024

Pics:Lucy McShane Video: Telford Live!

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