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What did you do during the great Facebook outage of 2024, Daddy?

Disaster struck this afternoon as Facebook went down for an hour. Frustrated users pounded keyboards across the town trying to log back in but without success.

This calamity got me thinking about how we used to live, before the internet and being able to connect to others rather than think for ourselves. Which bin? What time does the shop open? And of course the all too familiar “I don’t get payed for a week but there are six of us who have no food. Paypal only pls.” anonymous request.

Luckily, the outage was short-lived and no dogs were stolen during this downtime. A Facebook spokesperson never said; “We apologise for the issue we had, and if you were affected by being unable to report a sighting of a man in a van that you hadn’t seen in your street before but looks suspicious, then we have a helpline.”

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