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Wrekin candidate for Liberal Democrats announced

A former Mayor of Wellington who left the Conservative Party has been selected as the Liberal Democrats’ prospective parliamentary candidate in The Wrekin.

Anthony Lowe, who was the market town’s Mayor in 2019, is standing for election primarily because he believes The Wrekin needs stronger local representation in parliament.

Of particular concern to Anthony is worsening conditions for local businesses, and the escalating cost of living crisis for local people. He left the Conservatives in 2019 because he felt they were no longer a party which put the economic prosperity of the country first.

The Lib Dem MP candidate says that he understands the needs of both the urban and rural economy of The Wrekin, having had a smallholding for 20 years until 2014, and worked for 30 years for two of Telford’s engineering firms.

Anthony is also very concerned that The Wrekin’s MP is not advocating for retaining a 24-hour A&E department at Princess Royal Hospital.

Anthony Lowe, Liberal Democrat PPC for The Wrekin, said: 

“I aim to be The Wrekin’s man in Westminster, not Westminster’s man in The Wrekin”

“When I talk to people across our area, I hear that they never see their MP, and the problems our local area faces are simply not being tackled by the Government.”

“Conditions have declined locally for both farming and industry under this Government, and the tide has to turn.”

“I left the Conservatives because it was clear to me that having a strong economy was no longer their clear focus, and things have only got even worse since then.”

“I joined the Liberal Democrats because they are now the party of business and jobs.”

“The Lib Dems want to remove trade barriers to make agricultural and industrial exports to our European neighbours easier, and to develop an industrial strategy to incentivise businesses to invest in new clean technologies.”

“With the rising population of our area, having a full A&E department will  become ever more important. We need an MP who will stand up for our local NHS.”

Tackling climate change is another key issue for Anthony Lowe, who volunteers for the Wellington Cycle Delivery Scheme, offering sustainable delivery services free of charge. 

He is also a Trustee of Shropshire Cycle Hub which has many activities across Shropshire including bike refurbishment of donated bikes and rickshaw rides.

With Labour having included The Wrekin in a published list of “non-battleground seats”, Mr Lowe emphasises that it is the Liberal Democrats who are the contenders to unseat the Conservative MP at the general election.

Anthony Lowe added:

“With Labour having given up on The Wrekin, it’s a straight fight between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives this time.”

“I am asking everyone who wants to see change locally to lend me their vote, as I am the only candidate who can beat the Conservatives at the general election.”

“I hope to be an MP in the mould of Helen Morgan, who has shown Shropshire what genuine local representation looks like and how it is possible to beat the Conservatives in rural constituencies like ours.”

North Shropshire MP Helen Morgan has backed Mr Lowe’s candidacy.

Helen Morgan MP said:

“I’ve known Anthony for several years now and I know that he is a genuine champion of his local community.

“With two Shropshire Council divisions from my constituency – Cheswardine and Hodnet – now voting within The Wrekin, it is all to play for between Liberal Democrats and Conservatives.

“Anthony will provide the strong representation The Wrekin so badly needs.”

Anthony Lowe lives in Wellington with his wife, Julie. He is retired, and has two adult children.

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