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It was only a matter of time…

Telford & Wrekin Cops are reporting that two people on a small motorcycle hit a car in Trench yesterday afternoon.

According to Police, the pillion was “flung…over the car” and according to one witness, appeared to be knocked out.

The car suffered significant damage.The bike had no number plate and the rider made off with the clearly injured passenger hobbling to get back on the bike.

PC Rob Hughes said on Facebook “We are concerned that the pillion has not sought medical attention and where head injuries are concerned it is important to get a medical assessment.

“Off road bikes ridden in Telford are an issue we all need to address, this is a clear example of what could happen and now we have an injured person and an innocent motorist out of pocket.

“We welcome the publics help and as you to email us”

Pic: Telford Live

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