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I’ve ‘bean’ to Telford – A new initiative

If the answer The Ironbridge, The Shopping Centre and Costa Coffee, then the question must be – why come to Telford. Telford Welcomes All Tourists, previously Telford Tourist Board have devised a cunning plan to bring coffee & culture lovers to the town. 

Telford loves a Costa and the popular coffee shops dotted all over, but not Madeley, are about to feature in this summers visitor attractions guide ‘I’ve bean to Telford’.

The main attraction will be fun Coffee Trail. Encouraging visitors to take a tour of all the Costas in town, in a marathon 11 hours trek by car, or 6 weeks by train & rail replacement bus.

From a Hot Chocolate at the Hospital to a Flat White at Forge Retail Park, tourists will be able to see all the sights with their favourite drink in hand.

For the most committed, who manage to get a stamp from every Costa in Telford, go into a draw to win a Doctors appointment. 

View video: https://www.facebook.com/reel/717282900621010

This is an April Fool Joke.

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