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New government plan to increase NHS Dental appointments: What you need to know

The government just announced “Our dental recovery plan is making it easier to see an NHS dentist. Nearly 500 more practices across England are accepting new adult patients compared to the end of January”, but what does this mean in Telford?

There are two Dental Practices in Telford who are part of the scheme, mydentist on Stafford Park and in mydentist in Wellington, but it’s not just as easy as calling up and getting on the books.

The branches operate a waiting list where a number of registrations are available each month , and they are already full for this month. When we called up and asked. “As you can imagine, there is a lot of demand” the receptionist told Telford Live!

NHS Dentistry is in high demand because a check up can cost as much as £74.00 at a private dentist, but only £26.80 for the NHS version.

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