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Popular Street Food vendor told to quit pitch after 13 years

Ureys Street Food has been a fixture just outside Barclays Bank at Telford Shopping Centre for around 13 years, but in a shock move, centre management has issued a 3 month notice to leave.

Norma Urey closed her catering tailer yesterday to come to terms with the announcement after receiving the news out of the blue.  Ureys specialise in freshly cooked food, takes pride that there are no microwaves to warm up brought-in dishes and that has certainly gone down well with the customers over the years.

Norma told Telford Live! “The customers are beautiful people.  It’s been quite a shock for me, but the community spirit has been wonderful since we had the news.”

Indeed it has, with over 1500 signatures on a petition to save the business achieved in just a day.

Norma said: “We’re on a monthly licence so the centre management have been fair by giving three months notice and they have said that they are flexible with that too.

“We’ve built a great business up here.  We’ve had tricky times before, and we’ll get through this too.  The trailer is getting a bit tatty and and so am I, but we’ve worked hard and will carry on in some way.”

Offers have been coming in to suggesting new sites, including one pub landlord who offered a space on the car park.

Most recently, Norma has been going viral on TikTok by cooking random foods brought to the stall by customers to be cooked up into a Pakori.  “Normi, will it Pakori?” followed by an aubergine, chilli and even chocolate being coated in a chickpea flour batter and fried up, Indian-style.

“You’ll find me, don’t worry.” said Norma, and Ureys was back open for business today.

Town Centre Management has been asked for a comment.

Pic: Telford Live.

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