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Stunning Shropshire – no wait…

The Ironbridge doesn’t get a mention in this Daily Mail tourism article about the county. It seems to be focused on Ludlow and Much Wenlock.  

That is, until you get to the comments section, where ‘thecat’ from Toulouse, goes straight for the jugular with “Maybe it is beautiful but….

Great Dawley has one of the most crime rates.

Coming in a close second are…..

Stirchley, Brookside, Lawley, and Overdale.

Careful for what you wish for”

Interesting. I don’t know anyone who uses the ‘Great’ where referring to Dawley, regardless of it’s official title. ‘Thecat’ pulled the information from a crime reports website. I have no doubt that the comment is true, but should Dawley folks be investing in stab vests and door cameras? 

One reason Dawley rides high in these crime stats is purely because Telford Shopping Centre sit in the boundary. Many of the crimes are related to shoplifting, and as unsavoury as that is, it’s not going to affect your average resident in Malinslee.

From that same report, Lilleshall & Newport, both in the Borough are two of the top three safest places in the county. A worthy achievement when you consider all the ‘posh’ villages and towns around the county.

So sleep easy, Telford people, and hold your head up high. In the ‘best bridge’ tourism category, we cannot be beaten.

The article with the comment: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-13304011/amp/Shropshire-Stiperstones-Ludlow-travel-ABTA.html

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