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Watch: Telford fly-tipper fined £1,000

A fly-tipper who dumped a washing machine near his home has been fined £1,000 by Telford & Wrekin Council as part of continuing action to tackle the scourge.

The man was captured on CCTV, in the middle of the afternoon, dragging the washing machine along a pathway before trying to shove it into the bushes. He then walks away only to return with a part which he tries to attach to the appliance. Several times the man can be seen looking around to check he’s not been clocked, unaware his crime is being caught on camera.

The fly-tip happened in March at a hotspot in Hurleybrook Way, Leegomery. The council traced the culprit and issued a £1,000 fixed penalty notice for fly-tipping which has been paid.

A Telford & Wrekin Council spokesperson said:

“This case shows Telford & Wrekin Council will not hesitate to fine people who fly-tip, wherever there is evidence.

“The individual who dumped this washing machine is now £1,000 out of pocket which they could have saved had they done the right thing and disposed of it properly.

“They could have taken it to either of our Household Recycling Centres which are free to use or booked a bulky waste collection which is free or discounted for eligible residents.

“Our officers are out and about every day across the borough investigating who is responsible for dumping waste, so we can make them accountable for their actions.

“There is never any excuse for fly-tipping and we know it’s an issue that residents want tackling and that’s why we will continue to make it a top priority.”

Anyone with information that could identify a perpetrator in the future is urged to call the council’s confidential number on 01952 388800.

Watch video: https://facebook.com/TelfordLive/posts/pfbid0fMBjxHRuJHny6qg92AyKEa32FTsWjcBGoL1GsvNVBmeNw62PKAkjhDkYs6tJ43rdl

Pic: Telford & Wrekin Council

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