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Cinema to show Dr Who finale episodes

Wellington Orbit is having a Dr Who themed event next month where superfans can see the season finale before it’s aired on TV.

The epic two-part end of season finale at the Orbit 11pm on Friday 21st June 2024, The Legend of Ruby Sunday, followed by Empire of Death. 

The Doctor and Ruby Sunday have faced the Bogeyman, fought against Maestro, and survived the battlefield of Kastarion 3. In the epic two-part season finale, the Doctor and Ruby arrive at UNIT headquarters on a top-secret mission and a long-buried secret awaits.

Damian Breeze, Manager at Wellington Orbit said “This is going to be a huge event for Dr Who fans, getting the first viewings of the last two episodes in a shared viewing experience with other like minded enthusiasts. We’re hoping to see many in the audience bring props and dress as their favourite characters down the ages.”

The Cinema Live event can be booked here: Tickets are £12.

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