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Car park set for refurb

Market Street Car Park in Wellington is closing on Tuesday 2nd July to allow refurbishment work to commence.

The car park, which belongs to the old Wilkos store landlord, was patched up by the council after a shopper fell on the uneven surface.

The refurbishment taking place is in preparation for B&M Bargains relocating their Wellington store from the top of New Street to the much bigger shop next to the market in Wellington, which used to be the home to Wilkinsons before they collapsed in 2023.

It was originally thought that Poundland would have been taking on the store, but that fell through when terms could not be agreed with the landlord.

The empty unit in the heart of Wellington had become an unofficial home for the homeless in the town due to it’s covered entrance, until a shutter was installed a week ago.

According to Love Wellington, the popular car park is due to reopen for shoppers and visitors to the town on 10th of July but until then there are over 800 free car parking spaces available in a mix of long stay and short stay car parks.

Pic: Telford Live!

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