Telford History

History: Telford Promotional Leaflet c1971

An early Telford Development Corporation booklet showing the conception, early developments and forecasts for growth in Telford.  The document dates from around 1971, and has the following photos:

Page 1: Illustration of Thomas Telford
Page 2: Halesfield Industrial Estate and Woodside Housing Estate
Page 3: Telford Shopping Centre (View of Sainsburys, which has since moved)
Page 4: Madeley Court Swimming Pool (now demolished)
Page 5: Earth Moving Equipment
Page 6: Coalport Water Pollution Control Works
Page 7: The East Central Primary Road and Town Centre (yes, TOWN centre!)
Page 8: No Caption but looks like Madeley Centre.  Now demolished.
Page 9: The old Telford ‘point and dot’ logo.
Page 10: OS Map of boundary.
Page 11: Stylised Map of Telford with landmarks.

It’s intriguing to read about Telford from the context of a new, exciting development in Town Planning.  It’s also amazing just how much of this has disappeared or changed beyond recognition.  It just goes to how much we need to capture photos and local interest information from the last 50 years.  If you have an old photo of your street, your place of work, the shops, or anything you would like to share from the 60s to the 2000s email and we’ll archive it here.

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