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Telford & Wrekin Council Budget Meeting


Mark who runs the excellent blog filmed this event and has painstakingly annotated the video so you can jump to the highlights.

When you click the timestamps below the video will open and start at that time. Note this feature does not typically work on mobile devices. Recommend using a laptop or desktop computer to use this timestamp feature.

0:07:24 New faith academy & launch of new flex card.
0:13:15 Labour Cllr Bill McClements (The Nedge) presents the budget report overview.
0:28:14 Conservative Cllr Adrian Lawrence responds.
0:34:49 Liberal Democrat Cllr Bill Tomlinson (Shawbirch) responds.
0:42:17 Labour Cllr Angela McClements speaks on different aspects of the budget.
0:44:57 Conservative Eric Carter speaks of inherited debt from Labour government in his response.
0:48:20 Labour Cllr Arnold England responds to Conservatives on national debt and ‘Pickles Revenge’.
0:49:29 Conservative Cllr Steve Bentley responds, ‘budget is disappointing and lacks courage….’.
0:51:47 Labour Cllr Kuldip Sahota responds to Conservative Councillors points.
0:53:19 Conservative Cllr Dugmore (Muxton) questions the validity of the council tax consultation.
00:56:31 Labour Cllr Shaun Davies (Malinslee) defends amount spent on roads in Telford & Wrekin, says still higher than Conservative administration.
0:58:29 Labour Cllr Rob Sloan (Haygate) less interested in ‘its all our fault/its all your fault’ points. But does have issue with government cutting the top rate of tax.
1:00:03 Labour Cllr Alan McKenzie (Cuckoo Oak)
1:01:49 Conservative Clive Mollett (Horsehay & Lightmoor) budget is predicated to solving problems in safeguarding. Its clearly out of control.
1:04:26 Labour Cllr Richard Overton (St. Georges) speaks on ‘a business winning council’.
1:05:20 Labour Cllr Derek White (Cuckoo Oak) ‘its national politics takes cutting peoples benefits….’.
1:07:18 Labour Cllr Bill McClements (The Nedge) speaks on Conservatives raised council tax more when in control and consulted fewer people & responds to other opposition points made.
1:17:50 Labour Cllr Rob Sloan (Haygate) speaks about boundary reviews, change will happen.
1:24:51 Mayor announces Councillors question time and due to the meeting being live streamed Councillors are asked to read aloud their questions. Starting with Conservative Cllr Veronica Fletcher (Priorslee) regards Harper Adams.
1:26:36 Conservative Cllr Ian Fletcher (Priorslee) regards the future of Priorslee Community Centre.
1:30:22 Conservative Cllr Ian Fletcher (Priorslee) regards safety by Wickes & Aldi near Central Park on Holyhead Road.
1:38:25 Labour Cllr Mike Ion tables a motion against legal loan sharking. A door lender in his ward was charging £82 for every £100 pound borrowed.
1:43:03 Labour Cllr Richard Overton (St. Georges) seconds the motion and speaks on the subject.
1:45:19 Conservative Cllr Stephen Burrell (Edgmoud) adds his view to the same Cllr Ion’s motion.
1:54:12 Labour Cllr Derek White (Cuckoo Oak) tables motion against Bedroom tax.
2:01:03 Conservative Cllr Stephen Burrell (Edgmoud) ‘in many ways supports the Cllr White’s motion but can’t because of the wording. Its not a tax, its a reduction in benefits’. This topic is covered by various councillors across the room, keep watching.
2:37:07 Cllr Derek White (Cuckoo Oak) finishes and the vote begins on the Bedroom tax motion. Did you Councillor vote ‘For’ or did they ‘Abstain’? Did the motion get passed? Watch and find out!
End of meeting.

Here’s the story as it appeared on twitter:

Telford and Wrekin Budget Meeting

This is my take on the 2013 Telford & Wrekin Council Budget Meeting

Storified by Telford Live!· Mon, Mar 11 2013 14:25:38

“@telfordlive: Thank you all for sticking with me this evening during the #TelfordWrekin meeting. Should I do it again?” Yes!Pete Jackson
“@telfordlive: Thank you all for sticking with me this evening during the #TelfordWrekin meeting. Should I do it again?” << YESstuart bickerton
“@telfordlive: Thank you all for sticking with me this evening during the #TelfordWrekin meeting. Should I do it again?” << YESstuart bickerton
Thank you all for sticking with me this evening during the #TelfordWrekin meeting. Should I do it again?Telford Live!
@LizzieRoberts @telfordlive Thanks for tweets. Great job! #telfordwrekinJane Bellingham
And with that, the #TelfordWrekin budget meeting is well and truly over.Telford Live!
“@telfordlive: 11,500 people on the Wanting housing list here in Telford. #TelfordWrekin” << really? That is highstuart bickerton
Those against and abstaining getting low level jeers from the meagre public audience. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
11,500 people on the Wanting housing list here in Telford. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
I think they may have been on the Dandelion & Burdock too. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
Several Councillors have left the room. ?? #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
“@LawleyFarmer: @telfordlive cllr green &amp; white is there a cllr scarlet or mustard ? #cluedo #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
It’s @CllrShaunDavies talking about how the spare room subsidy affects armed forces and disabled, but Runnjng out of time. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
Impassioned speaking from @Rich4StGeorges about the housing benefit changes. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
“@telfordlive: Superb tweets from @LizzieRoberts at the #TelfordWrekin meeting tonight.” Thanks! Yours are more entertaining tho! ;)Liz Roberts
Cllr Green suggest working together and not ‘slagging each other off’ – She won’t be invited back again. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
Superb tweets from @LizzieRoberts at the #TelfordWrekin meeting tonight.Telford Live!
Sorry, twitter jail for me. #telfordwrekin – still on bedroom tax / reduction in benefit.Telford Live!
Second mention of Thatcher tonight. Who invited 1979? #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
Cllr White proposes a motion against Bedroom Tax. #TelfordWrekin ‘it doesn’t make financial sense – will cost more’ Live!
@LizzieRoberts @telfordlive @CllrKevinGuy Loving this! esp Clr England – Pickles not going down well :)Keep it up #TelfordWrekinJane Bellingham
“@cllrclive: you should listen to important debate rather than speculate on what I’m writing :-)< #TelfordWrekin I’m not being paid tonight.Telford Live!
I’d like to apologise to Cllr Bill Mclements for suggesting he was Scottish. Accents not my strong point. He’s Irish. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
@telfordlive have you introduced yourself to @cllrclive yet #TelfordWrekin #wishiwasthereforthatCorrina jones
"@telfordlive: Cllr Reynolds speaks in agreement while @cllrclive (front) writes his shopping list #TelfordWrekin" or a new naughty listRichard Soame
@cllrclive looks like 4 tins of beans from where I’m sitting. That, or you are doing a dot to dot. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
Cllr Bentley feels the motion will be carried unanimously. #TelfordWrekin cross party agreement. Live!
Cllr Reynolds speaks in agreement while @cllrclive (front) writes his shopping list #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
Cllr Overton likens the lenders to Dick Turpin. Suggests folk use credit unions. Good call. #TelfordWrekin Live!
Now @Rich4StGeorges is giving a shout out to some of the other payday loan businesses in the interests of fairness. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
“@SOAMER: @telfordlive its more like and old comedy from the 70s < some of them aren’t even 70 yet. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
“@LizzieKirsty: @telfordlive you are a legend! I have laughed a lot at your tweets!!! < not over yet! #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
Cllr Mike Ion giving examples of high interest rates. High APRs make good headlines. #TelfordWrekin audience gasps. Live!
@telfordlive @catcantlay it’s due to become a new primary school as part of the redevelopment of the Lord Silkin site #telfordwrekinTelford Council
Questions over. Now motions. Cllr Ion stands up. This is about legal loan sharking. An oxymoron? #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
The #TelfordWrekin meeting now running past 8pm – pub looking less likely as my belly thinks my throats been cut.Telford Live!
Cllr Rhodes talks about roads. Apt. #TelfordWrekin Live!
Q3 from Cllr Fletcher again, about safely by Wickes nr Central Park. Again. #TelfordWrekin it’s like watching Dave.Telford Live!
ENOUGH HARPER ADAMS ALREADY! #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
I didn’t realise it was rhetorical question time! #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
Now question time! #TelfordWrekin Cllr Veronica Fletcher congratulates Harper Adams.Telford Live!
‘ @WayneDLawrence1 public will be consulted on borough council boundary changes. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
Cllr Sloan says boundary changes deadline means the changes will be steam-rolled through before next meeting. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
Panorama of tonight’s #telfordwrekin budget meeting. We’re live broadcasting now. Life
Cllr Sloan now talking boundary reviews. Reduction in Councillors? #TelfordWrekin Live!
Council business being rushed through at breakneck speed. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
“@LizzieRoberts: #TelfordWrekin budget is passed with votes by labour and indecent cllrs, no conservatives < Did I miss the streaker?Telford Live!
Council tax rise of 1.9% approved for #TelfordWrekinPam Griffin
On the plus side #telfordwrekin council can’t transfer Newport’s history to telford, though they might try and tell us its a good thingWhats On In Newport
Here’s Cllr Bill Mclements in full flow. Reeling off figures like a Scottish Carol Vordeman. #TelfordWrekin Live!
Cllr Mclements ripping the previous administration of #TelfordWrekin a new one on consulting the residents.Telford Live!
“@telfordlive: I think I might get ejected soon. #TelfordWrekin” wishful thinking?!Liz Roberts
Cllr Bill Mclements back on the floor for the round up. I just heard him say ‘during the war’. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
“@telfordlive: I think I might get ejected soon. #TelfordWrekin” wishful thinking?!Liz Roberts
I think I might get ejected soon. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
Cllr Overton stands. Short and sweet. (Speech, not Cllr Overton) although… #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
Suprised at the lack of Telford content at this #TelfordWrekin meeting. I could be anywhere in the UK much of the time.Telford Live!
Cllr Mckenzie at the back takes the mic. More on national debt. This is eating into valuable pub time. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
Cllr Rob Sloan takes the mike and speaks loud. woke many up. He’s less interested in yah boo politics. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
Cllr Shaun Davies at the lecturn. Clock reset to 2m 54s. This is like The Cube, and @Rich4StGeorges looking more like @schofe #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
Teenage pregnancy service in Telford due to be reduced. Make your own punchline up. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
RT @telfordlive: Cllr Sahota back on the mic. My bladder is full of dandelion and burdock. <—– Best council speech EVER! #TelfordWrekinChris✅
Cllr Dugmore questions validity of the council tax consultation. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
Now Cllr Dugmore delivers his response to #TelfordWrekin budget. Talking about Browns gold reserve sales. Live!
More than 200 people already watching the live stream of budget debate from @LightmoorLife #telfordwrekinTelford Council
Cllr A England for labour takes the mic. Lots of national politics. Pickle puns abound. You have to be here really. :0/ #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
He’s commanding the meeting like a meat auctioneer. Respect due. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
Conservative Cllr Carter stands up. Another ‘inherited’ but the red team not liking what he saying. #TelfordWrekin Live!
Lmao. @telfordlive doing the political version of Terry Wogan at the Eurovision Song Contest. #TelfordWrekin.✅
Cllr Angela Mclements takes the floor at the #TelfordWrekin budget meeting. Watch online at Live!
Lmao. @telfordlive doing the political version of Terry Wogan at the Eurovision Song Contest. #TelfordWrekin.✅
Cllr Bill Tomlinson approves the budget. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
Children’s Services is always overspent because #TelfordWrekin has no control over the kids moving here. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
Lib dem Cllr Tomlinson takes to the floor. Heart goes out to the 985 people who have lost jobs at #TelfordWrekin Live!
Just heard ‘inherited’ – end the dry spell with three fingers #TelfordWrekin Live!
@telfordlive: Here is the stream created by @LightmoorMark complete with subtitles #TelfordWrekin Live!
No money for #TelfordWrekin run down industrial estates. Not sure how this sits with business winning council.Telford Live!
Here is the stream created by @LightmoorMark complete with subtitles #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
Cllr Laurence feels we should have no increase in Council Tax, and #TelfordWrekin residents may suffer as a result.Telford Live!
Cllr Adrian Laurence is brought on in Eades absence. Welcoming some of the budget stuff. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
Cllr Mccl: base budget £242m. Facing 9.5m shortfall in coming yr #TelfordWrekinLiz Roberts
You know in school when teacher starts talking about something and all you hear is scribble? That. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
“@aroberts115: see that the press desk has been sponsored tonight by Snickers (other Chocolate bars are available)!!!” < #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
I’ve just noticed that @Rich4StGeorges looks very much like Fabrizio ‘white feather’ Ravanelli. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
Cllr McClements says over 2600 homes in borough will be affected by changes in housing benefits from April #telfordwrekinTelford Council
#TelfordWrekin live from @telfordcollege at Snr
Biggest budget cuts are at @ShropshireStar as the reporters use notepads from Lidl. #TelfordWrekin Live!
Looking ahead to 2012/13 more govt blaming. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
Tuning into #TelfordWrekin tonight Whilst watching in the night garden & drinking pretend tea from miniature plastic cups.#modernlifeCorrina jones
@aprilfule I’ll do me best! You keep drinking! #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
“@Fletcher_i: Budget debate now going to start, we await it with horror <#TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
Bill Mclements blames Osbourne. And more. By reckoning, that’s at least a pints worth. ‘Blaming the govt’ #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
Cllr Bill Mclements delivers the budget report overview, and thanks those who helped. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
@telfordlive ask a question I could do with a quick half #TelfordWrekinLawley Farmer
@LizzieRoberts Liz, use #TelfordWrekin and more people will see your tweets :0)Telford Live!
No public questions. Again. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
Now new Cllr Pinter talks about the work Cllr Duce did in Dawley. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
“@pete62jackson: Snowwardens 3 fingers – < great to see you playing along in the pub #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
SNOWWARDENS! three fingers. We’re only 7 mins in. This is going to get messy. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
Next month sees the launch of the new flex card, which will see residents get discounts for local businesses. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
#telfordlive #telfordwrekin good to watch Full Council – vision not clear and the sound is not clear eitherAndrew Roberts
Leader of the council, giving his address. 165 new jobs coming to Telford – good news indeed. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
“@pete62jackson: Will be following @telfordlive from @elephantdawley tonight < #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
WHAT! Cllr Eade isn’t here!!! This is like Fergie not playing Rooney! #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
Some serious business on #Telfordwrekin agenda tonight so great to see @telfordlive and @LightmoorMark giving coverage so everyone can watchPete Jackson
If the meeting doesn’t start in 3 mins, it’s 2 fingers! #TelfordWrekin Live!
Live budget meeting is about to be streamed at – pop along and have a look. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
Even if you don’t like it, I will. #TelfordWrekin Live!
It’s my job to make this budget as interesting and informative as possible for you. #TelfordWrekin join in the fun!Telford Live!
Sound & video checks by @JakeSnr @LightmoorMark and @viperdudeuk – looking good for 6:30pm kick off. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
The vending machines in college are currently getting a good deal of attention. Tea and biscuit budget clearly exhausted. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
With @lightmoormark, @viperdudeuk and @telfordlive streaming the #TelfordWrekin Budget Meeting from 6.30pm LIVE at Snr
With @lightmoormark, @viperdudeuk and @telfordlive streaming the #TelfordWrekin Budget Meeting from 6.30pm LIVE at Snr
“@bhuss1: @telfordlive well if you could let them know I’m not happy that they get special treatment < #TelfordWrekin will do, fella!Telford Live!
Just spotted @cllrclive. Much bigger in real life than on twitter. #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
“@LawleyFarmer: @telfordlive I’m ready #letbattlecommence < #TelfordWrekin can you hear me, Dawley??!Telford Live!
“@CllrShaunDavies: Great to meet @telfordlive in person < :0) #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
Sorry for the delay – tech issues! I’ve turned the college off and on again and were away! #TelfordWrekinTelford Live!
So, first #TelfordWrekin budget tweet. Stay tuned Telford! Live!
I have my supplies for the #telfordwrekin meeting tonight. Drew the line at sleeping bag.Telford Live!
tune in from 5:30pm for the Council Meeting build up. Follow hashtag #TelfordWrekin and play along at home Live!
#shropshirehour > Tomorrow night @telfordlive tweets and @lightmoorlife broadcasts the #TelfordWrekin Budget Meeting from 6.30pm LIVEJake Snr
#shropshirehour > Tomorrow night @telfordlive tweets and @lightmoorlife broadcasts the #TelfordWrekin Budget Meeting from 6.30pm LIVEJake Snr
#shropshirehour > Tomorrow night @telfordlive tweets and @lightmoorlife broadcasts the #TelfordWrekin Budget Meeting from 6.30pm LIVEJake Snr
#shropshirehour > Tomorrow night @telfordlive tweets and @lightmoorlife broadcasts the #TelfordWrekin Budget Meeting from 6.30pm LIVEJake Snr
Follow the #telfordwrekin hashtag tomorrow evening from 5:30pm. Play along at home and join in. Pls RT! Live!
I’ll be live-tweeting the council meeting tomorrow. Follow the #telfordwrekin hashtag and I’ll RT your thoughts and comments.Telford Live!


In January the guy who runs the excellent blog, Lightmoor Life, and Jake Snr took it upon themselves to broadcast the Council Meeting held at The Place. No fancy equipment, engineers or satellite link ups, but a free account at Bambuser and hope and a prayer.

This is quite novel. It’s not done in many other places (if any) and helps people understand what goes on, raising awareness of local issues and local politics in general. It received hundreds of views. Not bad for a first attempt, and numbers that the Parliament channel on Sky would be proud of. Possibly.

Roll on to March, and the Council Meeting Juggernaut pulls up outside TCAT and offloads a budget discussion. This is likely to be more interesting and, lets face it, fun. Technology is getting a makeover too. Jake & Mark from Lightmoor Life have been joined by local IT expert Jon Farmer who’s knowledge of Google+ has introduced HD cameras and multiple camera angles. If the first meeting was filmed by the equivalent of the wheel, This is like a caterpillar tracked vehicle. Still broadcast on a shoestring (ie nothing) it should add a different feel to the event.

I’ll be along for moral support and to live tweet the meeting for all to join in. I’m taking my projector along and hope to project tweets with the #telfordwrekin onto a wall. Maybe the Councillors will see what you are all saying.

Trying to get some traction on twitter for the event, I’ve created a drinking game graphic for people at home, in the pub, but not driving a bus, to join in the fun. Of course I’m not expecting anyone to join in, but it’s done it’s job. Here it is.



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