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Business Tips for Better Sales

A Telford-based business consultant has issued some top-line tips for firms across the region to help them successfully beat off the competition when it comes to winning new business.

With some business owners finding it difficult to promote their business and services effectively to secure new clients, Horizons Consultants has outlined  the ‘Art of Approaching a Potential Customer’, to help companies generate profitable new business.

Alan Adams
Alan Adams

Alan Adams, Founder and Director of Horizons Consultants, explained: “Finding the right customers and securing their business can be a challenge at times, and when the outcome isn’t what you’d hoped for, can feel like a waste of time, money and effort. But, if the right impression and professionalism came across to the potential client, they will not only recommend you to others, but may come back at a later date.

“Before going face to face with a prospective customer, you need to create an ‘avatar’ for your business which means identifying age, location, and gender of the people that mean most to your business, as well as where they like to go, where they shop, and what kind of food they eat. It might seem irrelevant – but once this is created, you will know where to find your customers and can target them with a clearer and more thought-out approach.”

According to Alan, some customers don’t actually know what they’re looking for and by explaining how you can help them, and how your service can benefit them, it will generate an initial and much more relaxed two-way conversation.

“I’d strongly recommend connecting with people on a personal level initially, which will have a significant impact on whether they become a customer. People generally buy on feelings as opposed to logic for example, if people bought on logic, they wouldn’t buy a sports car due to its high fuel consumption, high insurance and high service costs – but they do buy, because of the way having this makes them feel and the emotional connection they have with it.

“I’d urge anyone interested in talking to me about their new business development strategy to get in touch on 0845 373 0046, or email, or visit,” Alan concluded.

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