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The Best Chip Shop in Telford

From time to time, the conversations we have on twitter take an unexpected twist.  Last Tuesday, we were reminiscing about Telford in the 80s & 90s, particularly about the Shopping Centre and the original meagre line up of shops that took their place in our artificial high st.

Long gone icons like Rumbelows, MEB, and Radio Rentals, rubbed shoulders with Telford specific offerings like The Red Balloon cafe at Carrefours with the conveyor belt that carried dirty dishes a considerable distance before disappearing into an abyss that we can only assume was where the washing-up trolls lived.

Shortly after a mention of Big Als warehouse (by the old maggot factory, up near Millionaires Row) where kids in the know walked for miles to the little arcade where we played Rally X for hours at a time in the darkened corner of an industrial type building, I asked twitter if anyone remembered Angelos Chippy at Little Dawley.

Angelos chip shop was legendary.  I recall cycling there, and later motorcycling, from Stirchley past at least two other chip shops to enjoy the great food they served.  A couple of other people shared their delight of a trip to Angelos, and then the daughter of Angelo replied.  Here’s how it unfolded:

And here it the photo.  A proud Angelo Cosco standing outside the best chipshop in Telford in 1970.

Angelo Cosco, outside Angelos Chip Shop in 1970
Angelo Cosco, outside Angelos Chip Shop in Dawley, Telford in 1970

Sadly, Angelo is no longer with us, but on behalf of Telford, I salute you, and the memories your legendary food evokes. Thanks, Angelo.

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9 thoughts on “The Best Chip Shop in Telford

  • It was a very good chippy, used to come from Trench when I fancied a change from “Percy Deans”, the other best chippy in Telford (now Victorian Fryer)

  • Chippy Wright’s in dawley was another chippy with a great reputation

  • Angelos was the best chippy. We used to drive there every Friday night from Hollinswood with my best buddy, David Gillette (1980-1990’s). Angelo’s had the best fish and chips, but we’d always have a saveloy first! Fond memories of those bygone days, especially now living in Kansas (the yanks have no idea how to make great fish in batter and chips).

  • Every Friday nite in our house was Angelos nite.The best fish and chips in Telford and allways served with a big I said before TOP MAN .

  • We used to go here, 1st place I’d ever had a battered jam sandwich from

  • I rember my dad ran Telford motor spares scrape yard everyone had dinner from angelows when we went to visit dad for can I hav new so thin or other id hav chips best chippy

  • i met lorenzo (angelos son )at a car boot and was chatting about his dad and the shop ,i at the time lived in severn way and would on friday nights pop to the red lion then down to the unicorn,then over to angelos ,manys a night when i got home me and the wife sat eating cheese and onion pie and chips in bed ,couldnt do it now i would get atomic indigestion(i was a lot younger then ,26 happy days

  • Angelos was ace, used to go there at dinner times from the Phoenix School. Best chip shop in the world.

  • Agreed Angelo’s was the best chippy by far! My parents brought the business from him and converted it into Li Garden. Angelo continued to work for my parents part time until he sadly passed away. He had so much passion for the what he did. Absolute Gentleman!


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