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My Christmas Wish

It’s just a simple one. A plea to those who tweet and post on facebook.

Think hard before you use the word ‘hate’ directed at a person or group of people.

It’s OK to hate things. Hate the Daily Mail or hate sprouts.

It’s OK to hate the actions of someone. Hate the act of thieving, or hate that your neighbour plays music until 1am on week nights.

Don’t hate people. I’ve seen seen tweets from local councillors saying they hate members of other parties. A bit of a generalisation? Would they tweet that they hate Muslims or OAPs? No. Challenge and debate, question and check facts, don’t hate.

Have a great Christmas, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the banter, help, ideas and fun throughout 2013. Without you, it’s nothing. I love you all! Even you.


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