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  • Why would you normally visit a shopping centre? To buy a new outfit for a night out, or the newest game for your console? How about meeting friends for lunch or a coffee? What about seeing a musical show?

    Award winning musical society TADLOP (Telford and District Light Operatic Players), are currently in rehearsals for its latest production the Stephen Schwarz classic ‘Godspell’ due to take place on the 14th,15th, 17th, 18th and 19th of April at 7:30pm in Sherwood Square in the heart of the Telford Shopping Centre, which included such classic songs as “Prepare Ye”, “Learn Your Lessons Well” and the well known “Day By Day”.

    “We are always looking for new ways to inspire theatrical experiences,” said TADLOP publicity secretary Lyndsey Bird. “Godspell is about community and coming together, so what better place to stage it than in the heart of the local shopping centre. We are very lucky to have a fabulously talented cast but also an extremely inventive production team who, working with the shopping centre, will bring the latest broadway score to life in the middle of Sherwood Square, Godspell gives us the flexibility and freedom to try something so unusual. Stephen Schwarz himself says “It’s the nature of the show that each director and his/her cast, musical director, and design staff, arrive at their own take on it”. It is a first for us as well as Telford Shopping Centre and TADLOP are looking forward to the challenge of staging a musical in such a unique environment.”

    The box office is now open with tickets £10 through the Oakengates box office. A booking fee of £2 is applicable per booking. Visit http://www.theplacetelford.com or call 01952 382 382

    For more information check out our website at http://www.tadlop.com, email us at info@tadlop.com, or find us on Facebook.com/tadlop and Twitter @tadlop1

  • Somebody needs to learn to spell.
    It’s Godspell not Godpsell.


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