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Knife Angel coming to Telford

Knife Angel coming to Telford

The Council is bringing the iconic Knife Angel to Telford next spring. The impressive sculpture made from more than 100,000 knife blades aims to raise awareness of knife crime in the UK and to help stop people carrying knives.

The artwork by Alfie Bradley was created in Shropshire in 2014 and has been seen in locations around the UK including Coventry, Chester and Kent.

The borough will host the Knife Angel for the month of March with the sculpture sited in Southwater.

A programme of workshops for school children and other groups to learn more about the Angel and the effects of knife crime in the community will be organised in the borough.

The logistics of getting the Knife Angel to Telford will be a big operation, involving transport from its previous location, off-loading the 27 foot tall Angel and swinging it into place; securing it into place and security of the sculpture.

If there are any businesses who wish to help with the logistics of the project then please email to discuss further.

More details about the Knife Angel’s time in Telford will be published in due course.

Councillor Richard Overton, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood Services and Enforcement, said: “Knife crime is a major issue across the UK. The Angel symbolises the effects of knife crime on people who carry knifes, their families and friends and their communities.

“We are very happy to support this impressive initiative to raise awareness of the effects of knife crime and play a part in helping to prevent this.

“Seeing the Knife Angel and other supporting activities will hopefully further open people’s eyes to this important issue.”

Knife crime in West Mercia is about half the national average.

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