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£3100 for Cooling Tower chunk, but owner says 'Not for sale'

£3100 for Cooling Tower chunk, but owner says 'Not for sale'

The person behind the ebay auction to sell 100g of concrete from the recently demolished cooling towers at Ironbridge has refused to accept the £3100 winning bid.

Pete Jackson the chair of local community project Cinderloo 1821 found the piece concrete outside of the exclusion zone yesterday and placed it on eBay for auction.

Bids have been coming over the last 24 hours with selling price reaching an incredible £3100.

Pete Jackson has contacted the winning bidder to say he can have the 100g of concrete free of charge and that he will also pay for the postage and packing.

"Telford's heritage should not be up for sale. Over the past 200 years much of the industrial heritage of what is now Telford has been demolished. Cinderloo is working with schools and other community groups to educate people about the massive legacy that exists under our feet. The cooling towers are the latest place of work and part of our landscape to be lost.

We are working with schools to make sure that future generations are aware of our heritage and the people that have worked in these places that should not be forgotten."

You can find our more about the Cinderloo project at:

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