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Do you know Karen?

Do you know Karen?

We could all use a good news story, so when this dropped into my inbox, I was happy to share it.

Message from Angie:

Hi, please could I ask that you publicly thank on my behalf, a lady called Karen who I think said works for Wrekin Housing Trust who has just taken the time to return my sons wallet found in Woodside to our house in Apley. It was slightly chaotic in our house at the time she called so I didn’t really take in all of her details. She said she’d tried twice to take the wallet to the Police Station but it was closed so thought it best to bring it directly to us. On behalf of my very grateful son, Sam – please could you share our heartfelt thanks. There are some lovely people about (including you and your fab page!) and they deserve the recognition of appreciation. Thank you ever so much. Kind Regards ☺️

Can we find Karen?

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