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Parking Enforcement in Telford is just the ticket

Parking Enforcement in Telford is just the ticket

The five enforcement officers employed by Telford & Wrekin have been out on the streets now that the local council have taken over the responsibility for parking enforcement from the police.

Today, the team have been in Wellington issuing warning notices to cars parked illegally, and they have had plenty to choose from with 5 notices issued in one street.

These motorists had a lucky escape as the officers are not issuing fines until the end of the month.

Reception to the new regime has been mixed. Looking at a car in the disabled bay which had been ticketed for not displaying a badge, one pedestrian equipped 'about time', but not everyone is happy with tighter rules which the police rarely enforced.

One Wellington resident told Telford Live! 'This will kill the shops. People just want to park outside the shops or the post office.'

With the exception of Ironbridge, parking in all Telford borough towns is free.

One thought on “Parking Enforcement in Telford is just the ticket

  • Hello I live in Wellington and drive,everytime I travel along glebe Street,there is cars parked all over the place and I nearly had a crash as you can not get 2 cars safely through,its getting beyond a joke and very very dangerous.could you please make this safe.its opposite the flats and on a bend.thankyou


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