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Milk vending machine installed to reduce single use plastic

Milk vending machine installed to reduce single use plastic

A milk vending machine was installed at the Council offices by local farmer Jonathan Taylor, for staff to buy their milk. It’s estimated that across the two town centre buildings there are around 150 single-use plastic bottles of milk filling staff fridges at any point. The new milk vending machine allows staff to buy a reusable glass bottle and refill this with either whole or semi-skimmed milk.

Last summer, the Council committed to replacing single-use plastic from its operations with more sustainable alternatives by 2023. It’s keen to get staff involved too and the wider borough, through residents, schools, community organisations and businesses.

The council vending machine is not available to the public, but there are others available at The Community Shop in Waters Upton and at Greenfields Farm Shop in Donnington. There is also one on a farm in Sutton Maddock: Follow the postcode TF11 9LZ and look for the Chatham’s Organic Dairy sign on the staggered crossroads.

For the avoidance of doubt, there is not an actual cow inside. The machine is topped up and the cow stays on the farm.

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