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New support package announced for Telford residents

New support package announced for Telford residents

Cllr Shaun Davies announced this afternoon that the council have set out the following for Telford residents:

Payment holiday on your Council Tax for April and May

For those most impacted, through loss part or all income – up to 100% Council Tax Support

Access to Employment support

An immediate extra cash grant to Telford Crisis Support (Telford Foodbank) of £50,000 to help with demand and capacity

Immediate extra cash grants to StayTelford and Maninplace
to provide extra source to those street sleeping and on the edge of homelessness

Cash grants to various community centres to keep them going in the short term

Flexible approach to rent payments for community groups

For businesses, a two month “payment holiday”’on business rates for those who are impacted

Extending business rate relief as part of the government model

Flexible options on rent for next 2 months for council tenants hit by the crisis

Any resident, particularly the more vulnerable members of our community, who is need of assistance can call 01952 382030

For businesses, call 01952 383838

Cllr Davies also said that he will write to every home and business next week.

One thought on “New support package announced for Telford residents

  • Flexible? What about concessionary people haven’t got the money stop the holiday crap and reduce spending and the councils’ public borrowing. An obvious start is too reduce Council tax by 10% not increase it by 4% .


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