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Self-employed being left behind?

Self-employed being left behind?

When your tap drips, your lights trip or your garden fencing blows over, you call your local tradesman to help out.

Often working from home, so unable to qualify for the business grant, and taking drawings rather than PAYE wages, have they fallen through the gap? Taking drawings doesn't mean they don't pay tax, it means they have a tax bill to pay twice a year or at the end of the year, rather than paying each month.

This could be because work doesn't flow evenly, and don't forget that the self employed don't earn if they are sick and don't get holiday pay. Many of these one man businesses have annual sales below the VAT threshold, to save you 20% added to your bill. It is time for the government to announce a series of measures for this group?

Are you self employed and work from home? What does March & April look like for you?

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5 thoughts on “Self-employed being left behind?

  • We really do need something to help us one person businesses/ freelancers out. I run bread making classes and obviously have had to close for the foreseeable future. This will leave a big hole in our family finances. As far as I can see none of the measures outlined so far apply to me. I was pleased to see the generous solutions that they have come up with so far, but there is still a big hole that they need to fill. Help is required as soon as possible so that these businesses can be easily revived when this is all over. Combined, this type of business, makes a considerable contribution to the economy.

  • I am a self employed freelancer in the construction industry, we have no idea if site will be forced to shutdown in the near future. We have put measures in place to protect the workforce and provided additional information on how we operate on site. My wife is recovering from a serious car accident from September last year and her new profession of being a swim coach has just stopped as all pools closed. Not sure what the future holds for us at present

  • Into my 6th year of my self-employed business Alison’s Bee Class my work/bookings have snowballed up to a fantastic level that in 2019 having a rubbish work/life balance, my husband Steve resigned from his long-term, safe career in telecommunications to join me in the business in September. The business focuses primarily in educating/informing people “Awareness of Bees and their importance in the Environment”, so I teach in primary schools throughout Shropshire and neighbouring counties; Guest Speaker bookings to social groups (over 50 bookings for 2020/21); teaching Beekeeping for Beginners and finally dozens of community events ranging from small, local events through to major ‘county’ shows. My 2020 diary is (well was) literally bursting at the seems.

    We were literally ‘Buzzing’ about the future, loving our important work and so excited about every single job ahead. When my phone rang or email bleeped, my tummy tickled as I knew it would be another booking. Now when my phone rings or email bleeps, I feel physically sick as I know it’ll be a cancellation/postponement. Our earnings now are absolutely ZERO, nowt, nothing and no prospect of anything for the foreseeable future. We do have a small, diversification business making Reusuable Beeswax Food Wraps, an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic cling film. We do sell through a few Stockists around the county as well as on-line via our FB page ( but even this has dried up as, understandably, people have other priorities for their spending. Whilst we’re not struggling yet, we will without some money coming in, in time.

    The only thing we have now is looking after our bee hives. We WILL be available to collect swarms too, so please let us know on 07825 371137 Alison

  • We are a small, family business providing carpet and upholstery cleaning.
    We are not eligible for any of the support put in place. After this week we have no work in the diary for the forseeable future. We have been in business for 10 years and always managed to work hard and provide for our family. It’s an extremely worrying time.

  • I was a local PAT Superhero helping Shropshire businesses keep their electrical equipment safe. Now I’m just a man sitting in his cave, wearing lycra waiting for the phone to ring!!!


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