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Telford couple to raise funds for local Donkeys

Telford couple to raise funds for local Donkeys

Not just donkeys, but all manner of animals hang out at Scottys Donkeys and they have been hit by the lockdown.

No visitors are allowed at the moment, but the animals still need feeding and looking after, so Nicola & Dave Butmaro have started fundraising.

Nicola told Telford Live, "David and I are giving up alcohol for a MONTH to help Scotty's Donkeys reach their target of £7500 to help feed and care for the animals during lock-down.

Anyone that donates will be invited to a weekly virtual pub quiz that we will host, with prizes to be won."

The couple are trying to raise £1000, and have almost reached half-way. Scottys Donkeys is situated at Norton, on the way to Bridgnorth.


Pics: Nicola Butmaro

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