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Hi-viz strap idea for those most at risk

Hi-viz strap idea for those most at risk

Maria Vanezi writes "our Daughter is high Risk and we take her for a walk most days, usually just around the street. we haven’t been seeing anyone on our walks and if we have, we cross the road or divert our route. Now that more and more people are going to be out, what do we think about people being high risk wearing a high vis strap?

The reason I say this is because there has been times where we have been walking on the path and someone is walking towards us and I can tell they have no intention of moving so I have had to take my daughter into the middle of the road just so we don’t pass them.

I get that people forget but if you see someone with a band on, you can take extra precautions and keep further away?

I have no intentions in taking her to a busy park or field etc but I would still like to take her out for a 10 minute walk each day without the anxiety of passing loads of people?

Could be good for the elderly and vulnerable as well 😊"

What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Hi-viz strap idea for those most at risk

  • Your not going to get the reason for the bands out to majority of the public. I’m high risk myself but I’m staying inside. If you have a car why not drive somewhere where you are unlikely to see people close by. I wish you both well, Stay safe.

  • My daughter is register ed blind , she uses a white stick if the public pay the same attention to the high vis strap as they do to the white stick im sorry to say it will just be a waste of time wearing ir.


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