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There’s lots of love for Telford’s mysterious hearts

There’s lots of love for Telford’s mysterious hearts

Mysterious crochet hearts have been appearing on popular walking routes around Telford, urging people to support local charities which are helping people through the Covid-19 crisis.
They’ve become a big talking point on social media, with people asking:
“Where are they coming from, and who is behind it?”
Now, the mystery can be solved . . . partially, at least.

They are the brainchild of a Telford College student who, in true Banksy style, prefers not to take credit for the creations, and wants to remain anonymous!

A note is attached to each heart, saying: “Please take home and keep. In return, please donate to a local charity helping people during this pandemic.”

The student explained: “I was inspired to make these hearts after learning about a type of street art called yarn bombing in my latest college project.

“Instead of making one big art piece, I wanted to make several small things I could hide around where I live, for people to find and make them smile on their daily walk.

“I started by crocheting five hearts and placing them on a small popular route, as I didn’t know whether people would be interested in them.

“I didn’t announce I was placing them, so I was really surprised when I went back the next day and they were all gone. I started placing more and more around different locations, and to date, I’ve hidden 21 crocheted hearts.

“People have posted about them in a local facebook group saying what a lovely idea it is. It’s really boosted my confidence and I have become prouder of the work I make.
“But I quite like not taking credit for making them, and the mystery around the hearts. I simply attach a little note asking for people to help others during the coronavirus pandemic.”

The mystery student added: “I plan to crochet and knit more different items to hide, and I hope I’m making someone’s lockdown and daily walk a little bit happier.

“Doing this has also made me happier – crafting these hearts and getting some fresh air on my daily walk has really calmed my anxiety, and helped me to focus on my college work.”

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