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Explosive Device found on Telford Estate

Explosive Device found on Telford Estate

Police are reporting that an explosive device, possibly dating back to WWII has been found near Weybridge on Woodside around 9:30pm this evening.

The area has been cordoned off, and people are advised to avoid the area. Some residents are being evacuated.

Update: Locals are suggesting that the device is thought to be a hand grenade.

Update: I've been talking to locals who say that the Police have shown them a photo of the device, which was discovered earlier this evening in an alleyway.

In the photo, the pin is clearly still in place. A cordon of 100m has been set up and folks are reminded to keep away from the area.

Update: MOD have arrived to deal with the device, and some people are being allowed back into their homes.

Pics in the comments.

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