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Telford Frankie & Benny's shut for good?

Telford Frankie & Benny's shut for good?

Is the writing on the wall for the Forge Retail Park burger joint?

With the ear-splitting soundtrack, newspaper wallpaper and Italian lessons in the bogs, this has been a staple of the Telford restaurant scene for years.

The Restaurant Group, owners of the Frankie and Benny's brand were up to their hotdog in trouble before the pandemic, and it looks like Telford didn't make it through.

The restaurant no longer appears on the Frankie & Benny's website, and Telford Live understands the contents are being cleared out.

This is the latest casualty in the Telford food chain massacre, with Prezzo and Coal closing down earlier in the year.

Telford Live also understands that we will be losing a Costa in the Shopping Centre. The coffee giant will close the outlet near House of Fraser, leaving shoppers with just seven or eight other Costas to choose from in & around the Shopping Centre.

Thats Amore Folks. Who's next?

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